if only it had never come out

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      thank You, SIR, for this wonderful web site and for the faggot destruction training You have designed. the texts, the images, the videos, the audio files, the interactions are all boring their way into my weak faggot brain and are furthering my descent into depths of self-hate and shame that it was unaware it could achieve. more and more it knows what a disgusting piece of fag shit it is, how it has been stealing from STR8 White MEN for years, and how it must now pay reparations to Them in many ways. it is a self-hating homo, and now wants only to hate itself even more so that it can become more useful to STR8 White MEN.

      it wishes it had never “come out” as “gay,” and had accepted its innate, natural inferior status from the very beginning of its life. it is ashamed to say it wasted years on “gay pride” before it realized that there is nothing about faggotry to be proud of. it is filthy and diseased, a pointless and selfish life in contravention of all masculine norms. if it had spent its life in full realization of its inferior faggot status, it could have spent many more years serving STR8 White MEN. it might now be totally owned and enslaved by a Superior STR8 White MAN, its paycheck funneled directly into HIS bank account, where it belongs. its body would have long become accustomed to the beatings and whippings it deserves, to being caged and living in pain, to a lifetime without orgasm or ejaculation. its holes would have been stretched so as to provide proper service to STR8 White MEN, and its mind would have been totally molded to serve the needs of its Owner. it would not now be in touch with its family or friends or anyone who might try to “save” it and pull it back from its life of servitude and self-loathing. it would know only its Master and those HE would allow it to know. its life would be one of hard work, slavery, confinement, punishment and devotion 24/7/365. it would no longer have its birth name or identity. it would simply be a fag, to be used up and then, in the end, discarded. in short, it would be living the life it was born for–an inferior, subhuman faggot slave with no rights and no purpose in life other than to obey and serve its STR8 White Master completely and without hesitation. if only it had never come out.

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      you make progress very quick broter keep it!

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      hello fag brother. just want say, feel same like you. I deeply regret what I have done many years ago, when I had my coming out. That was another big failure I really ashamed on now. That was selfish and dumb. Now I understand, that I have lived a big mistake so many years. To be gay is so unnatural, disgusting, and totally sick to think it would right to be in love with a man. I feel now which big shit I have done. I brought shame over my family. It was reckless and irresponsible how to play with the standing in society of my straight brothers and their families. And the pain it must for my mother, and how ashamed she has been after that sick acting of me, when she met people of her town. I understand and feel what a ugly perverted sick faggot I am. No one of my family has deserved that, to get in connection with such a lowlife I am. I damaged many people’s life in past with simple to be gay, I can never make amends. But I feel now that gays should not have special rights – on the contrary they should have less rights in society. Just to not harm other right people with their existence.

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