My first experience, 24hrs after my first training module.

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      Last night I watched the first training module, while listening to an atonal meditation sound track. I do not generally meditate at all. I enjoyed my first training module. I tried to watch the 2nd one, being a greedy pig, and found myself cumming. I went to sleep.

      Today at work was any ordinary day. I have a government job, blue collar, tree related. I was working near a college. After lunch I had to piss. I thought of the training module and a message about licking a urinal. I didn’t do it, but was tempted to do it at our locker room as some of my co-workers would be worth licking anything they offered. Shorty after I arrived in the bathroom a man entered as I was pissing. He made a few comments. said he recognized me from scruff. He grabbed hard, my exposed cock while grabbing himself. I smiled, he led me to a stall. (now i am a kinky guy, but I have NOT ever had sex in a public,semi-public bathroom, they never seemed sexual. locker rooms though…) I sat down, he pulled out his uncut semi-stiff dick. I sucked it in like a greedy pig. I don’t know how a good faggot would do this but i am trying. I have rarely seen an uncut cock. It was very enjoyable to use my tongue to slide the forskin about and back. I then used my tongue to swirl about his dick. It got hard really fast and soon was pushing to the back of my throat. Just as we seemed to have started, he pulled out. and shot a huge stream in the bathroom stall. I with wide eyes and open mouth, indicated what I hoped for. He turned as he shot again he hit my face, my mouth, a plugged my mouth again for me to clean him off as he finished unloading. He shot really fast! another guy walked into the stall next to us. my guy just left me there. I walked out across the campus with cum still hanging on my upper lip. I HAD to take a photo. I got to my truck and took a selfie. barely shows what was left of his cum. I savored it, licked it off, found his profile and thanked him, and hope to meet up again for some real use, and hope he uses me hard. anyway he wants. AMAZING FUCKING DAY! all this after my first time with a training module. don’t know if it was coincidence or not. never done anything so spur of moment fucking faggot slut like this. So different than gay sex, kinky play. I need to do more.
      [note, tried to include photo from work with slight amount of cum still on lips but no skill in uploading photos here. ]

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      Update: The next day, A fed-ex driver, with wedding band, caught my attention. I soon followed him into a hallway where with out much said he unzipped his shorts. Next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking him off. He ordered me to slow down, even though I was worried about getting caught, and was only on a short break before I had to get back to the yard for the end of the work day.

      I tried to apologize for choking as he pushed hard and deep, he just grabbed my head, and held it there and said I was doing a ‘fine faggot job’.

      Soon he shot hard, not a lot of cum, but glad to take what he had.
      (wish I could do more for him)
      So yes the training modules do seem to work. now working on some of the other training too.

      I promise to REGISTER as a Faggot, the first time a real man orders me to.

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      Registered or not, YOU’RE A FAG!

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