New Training Modules in June


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      Sir Todd

      One of the modules is already complete but the other three are in development. In what areas do you faggots feel you need focus? Are you getting it now? Is it time for different topics? Feedback now!

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      Almighty Straight White God,
      The faggot needs greater reminders of its lowly status throughout the day, when it is unable to reach the holy site. It trembles to think that Your Voice and Truths reigning its life could further infiltrate its once-peaceful soul’s sanctum.

      It loves that it is making itself need to cum by $erving $uperior $traight White Ma$ters, and hopes You will oblige in such training, $IR.

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      Sir, it would love to have rules, tasks, assignments to do everyday , some kind of routine, mantra, prayer to make us work and focus everyday on our fag’s destruction, and make the self hate grows, and deeper.

      you are making a great work ,thank you so much Sir. i feel lower and lower , a true stupid faggot who fuck me up everyday with poppers, and i started to lick public urinals to get even lower .

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        lowly fag

        This faggot would also love to have more tasks, assignments to do everyday, SIR

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      Tasks and assignments would be great! As well as a brief history of Straight White Superiority. Also, maybe a prayer, mantra we can print out and keep close? Thank you Sir, for every thing!

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      Master, I would greatly appreciate a video (tho I’m unsure if this is a training tape strictly speaking) that would have brief clips from the SSWM Gods themselves each answering the same question posed by off camera interviewer. for example, how do they telegraph to a fag on the street they want his attention? how do they want fags to approach them? what about when He is with other Alphas? just basic expectations You have that would help us be more successful in serving You. also biggest turn offs and turn one. it would be awesome to hear the various ways you want to use us and also what are the things fags do that ruin it.
      so little 1 minute answers from 10mgods to the same questions

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      Sir, more abuse and degrading audio would be nice. Especially where the faggot is treated like a toilet slave as well

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      Good day sir,

      I’ll have to agree to my fellow faggots to all the things above.

      Daily tasks would be great, since it will slowly but surely condition those of us who might still be on the fence about what they are, to accept themselves more easily. For example licking a toilet on monday, sniffing used socks or underwear (not their own if possible) on tuesday, and so on.

      Degrading audio is another thing all of us faggots would enjoy with pleasure!

      Also I want to take this post as a chance to thank all the great sirs using their time to help guide faggots like me. Yesterday I chose licking urinals over having normal gay sex, and I enjoyed it, so your teachings definetely help!

      Thank you!

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      I’d like to enthusiastically endorse the request for additional reprogramming Audio-rapes. I listen to them while viewing training videos with audio off and rubbing my cunt so as to maximize their persuasion and heighten the consolidation of My self image and attitude from that of arrogant gay man demanding acceptance and equality all the time from everyone to my True self

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      I do the same! I was feeling backsliding last week, so Sunday night I butt-plugged myself, put on the audio with 3 voices, and went through boot camp modules over and over until I had to get ready for work. I was exhausted all day at work Monday but it was so worth it!!

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      Some hypnosis content would be perfect Sir.

      Looped mantras suggestions and trigger words to make us immediately compliant.

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      Site down again?!

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      We all know who to support and VITE for in this election don’t we faggots? Who is defending the rights and privileges of our SSW GODS? Come out with it! Use the bumper sticker and put the badge on! Cone out to family and friends tell them WHO you are voting due and WHY! Cone out! Tell them why FAGGOT!

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