On Becoming a Toilet

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      A Master slave relationship, where a faggot serves a Superior Straight Man, can be challenging, particularly if it is a long term relationship. As time goes by, things that seemed exciting and edgy at the start can become normal, pedestrian, even old hat. So for any good Master, one challenge is to continue to up the ante, and to make the slave work harder to prove itself to its Owner.

      I believe that one of the reasons my Master has continued to own me all these years is because HE is good at that. HE has always tried to make our experiences happen in more and more creative ways. This is not only doing more extreme things, but also involves thinking about all the factors: location, duration, apparel, participants. Over the years, HE has had numerous Men use me, sometimes for a one-time session, other times for on going service. HE has had me naked in public and semi-public places; set up a gloryhole where Men can use me anonymously; had me naked and blindfolded in the bushes for Men to rape and use; let Men take me to Their play space.

      And of course, I have submitted to it all. I am honored to serve HIM. HE has taught me that, if HE has given another Man the right to use me, I am to serve that Man as a proxy for my Master. Some of the Men who have used me have been freaked out by how serious about being a slave I am, but the ones who are truly Masters have been pleased at my service.

      My Master has Pissed in my mouth since the day we met, and i have always endeavored to swallow every drop of HIS Piss. HE told me long ago that the way animals mark their territory is with their piss, and that a Straight Man marks a slave as property with HIS Piss. i have never had a problem with drinking HIS Piss, understanding the symbolic nature of it, and also loving to serve HIM. Other Men have pissed in my mouth as well, but my Master has taught me that, unless there is intent to claim me (and agreed upon with HIM), i am not being marked as property, but instead being used as a convenient urinal. Of course, i accept this.

      But for many years, HE never even talked about scat. Occasionally a Man would ask HIM about it, and HE was always against doing it, even talking about it. But that changed about 10 years ago.

      i had dome something that upset HIM (i do not even remember now what it was) and HE said that standard punishments did not really apply in this case. HE could beat me or whore me out or isolate me, but HE thought it was time for something else.

      So HE tied me down on the bed, with a pillow under my head, and a blindfold on. i knew HE was standing on the bed over me, and assumed HE was going to torture me in some way. So i was somewhat surprised when HE suddenly put HIS Ass on my face, and ordered me to begin eating HIS Ass. Of course, having rimmed HIM on numerous occasions, i gladly obeyed.

      Then HE told me to open my mouth wide, and HE pressed HIS Hole down on my mouth. HE told me that, when a slave misbehaves, it is the duty of the Straight Man to punish that slave, and that it clearly was not sinking in to me not to misbehave. So HE said, “Maybe the time has come for me to shit in your mouth”. i immediately began shaking violently, uncontrollably, scared to take this step, and i could feel my Master bearing down. i steeled myself for what was to come.

      Nothing happened. After a moment, my Master got off me and said, “Remember that sensation. You don’t want me to do that, so don’t make me do it.” i was incredibly relieved that HE had not followed through.

      Over the next couple years, HE had occasion to scare me in the same way. Again, the reasons are unimportant, but HE would basically do the same thing: tie me down, blindfold me, sit on my face and threaten to shit in my mouth. HE said that when HE finally did it, i would have to eat every bit of it. i was always scared.

      One night a couple years ago, my Master put me through the now-familiar ritual. i was tied down, naked but with my dick and balls in the cock cage as always, blindfolded, and HE was sitting on my face. HE was talking about how a faggot slave had to know its place and that a good slave would do whatever it was told.

      Suddenly, HE became angrier, and said, “I used to do this to scare you, you fucking faggot, but looking at you now, it appears that you’re no longer scared. You think I won’t do it, don’t you?” i could not answer but i realized with a shudder that HE was right, and that, until that moment, i had never believed that HE would actually follow through and shit in my mouth.

      But that was the moment when everything changed. Suddenly, HE began to Shit in my mouth, and i felt my mouth fill with HIS Shit. HE told me to start chewing, and i tried not to gag as i chewed up the mouthful of Shit HE had given me. Finally, i swallowed it down, and HE pressed HIMSELF down onto me again, feeding me more, and then a third time. When i had finally swallowed the last of it, HE ordered me to “lick my ass clean, you fucking faggot cunt”. i of course complied.

      When HE got off me, HE took the blindfold off. HE looked down at me, and said “Close your mouth!”. i of course did so, assuming my breath was pretty bad. HE said, “you are such a fucking sicko – your dick is rock hard in the cage, it looks ready to break the bars. You hated that, but it turned you on more than you’ve been turned on in a while. Which is a good thing – because we’re going to do this more.” i knew enough not to try to argue or beg HIS mercy, but i had no thought that i ever wanted to do this again. But i noticed that, to my surprise, HE was also very turned on by our activity, and HE immediately released me, rolled me over, and fucked me hard.

      After that, HE started using me as HIS full service toilet every couple of weeks. HE would generally not do it as a punishment, but just decide it was time, and tie me down. Sometimes, HE would not even tie me, just hold my wrists down as HE sat on my face and made me take it all.

      Recently, my MASTER has decided that the ante again needed to be upped, so HE started feeding me what HE calls “slave gruel.” He first explained to me that the recipe is simple: first, HE Shits in my mouth, and then, before i begin to chew, HE Pisses in my mouth as well, giving me a pretty good mouthful. HE then orders me to close my mouth, and let the gruel “steep”. Sometimes, it is a matter of seconds, but other times HE leaves the gruel in my mouth to cure for a long time – sometimes as much as an hour or more. Finally, when HE is satisfied that the gruel is fully cooked, HE tells me to flush it down. Often HE feeds me two or three batches in one session. And always, i thank HIM for HIS kindness in giving me this gift.

      The result of this has been interesting to both of us. Eating slave gruel has made me go even further into my slavery. My Master enjoys that there are really no limits, and that even something as incredibly taboo as this is something that we do on a regular basis, and that HE has the power to make me do it.

      When HE began feeding me gruel, HE also gave me a new slave name, one HE likes to use often: “Latrine.” A latrine, according to the dictionary, is “a receptacle used as a toilet, particularly when running water is unavailable or inconvenient to use for waste”. My Master says that this definition fits me to a T. HE has also reminded me that another definition is “a receptacle used as a toilet, particularly in a camp or barracks by a group of Men”. So i think HE has further plans for me on this front.

      There is little that is quite so extreme as scat, and yet pushing that limit has made both of us feel good about what we are doing. HE is truly a God to me, and i am truly HIS property. My life as a faggot slave is hard, but ultimately it is a good life, because it is the life that is appropriate for a faggot like me. i would not trade places with anyone – i am owned property, and that is what i was made for. There is no greater joy in life for a faggot like myself than being owned by a true Master, a Straight Man who knows how to treat a faggot the way it was born to be treated.

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      Thanks brother for your story.

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