Straight Alpha Men watching a game

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      Imagine a straight alpha man watching a game. He has two faggots worship his feet. 1 faggot worship his balls. 1 faggot worships his cock. Two faggots lick his pits. While he sits on another faggot’s mouth. An extra faggot to serve him food and drinks. He can just piss and shit in the faggots’ mouths. No need to leave the game. 

      Same for blowing their nose, spitting or taking a puke. All in the faggot’s mouth.

      A good faggot should bring other faggots to be the toilets and serve a group of straight alpha men if they are watching a game together.

      Faggots should pay for and bring all the food and drinks. After all they are getting the privilege of worshipping superior straight alpha men.

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