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      Hello fellow faggots and alpha men.

      I am finding that straight men nowdays are not an alpha. Most guys that I have been with want to have an “experience”. Some even want to suck cock or have things in their asses. These are men who are straight and married.

      Although I do not want to be exposed.

      However, reading everyone else’s story it may be just where I am.

      There are really no straight white alpha men who are cruel, sadistic and kinky around.

      I served a straight arab construction worker who came straight from work in his uniform. He did slap me. I licked his boots and feet. Loved licking his ass. Sweaty but clean. Said he was superior to faggots. Didn’t like faggots but liked to abuse them. Pushed his dick in my mouth and took a piss. I did not waste any and drank all. He was happy with that. Didn’t want me to touch him so skull fucked me and unloaded in my mouth

      Although not the same.

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      Congratulations you had a fantastic experience

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      I’m envious of you ppornua. Wish a man would use me like he used you

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