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      Recently i have been beaten pretty savagely, both by the Str8 Man i serve and by my brother. Both times i was tied, spread eagle, and was beaten far beyond what i thought i could endure. but every time i thought about resisting, about begging Them to stop, i thought about what i have learned about worshiping Straight Men, and that i am here for one reason only: to serve the needs of Superior Straight Men. Somehow, that made the pain easier to endure, and i kept my mouth shut as They beat me, leaving my carcass covered in welts, bruises and even blood. If it pleases a Man to beat me, then i submit. if it pleases a Man to use me as His Toilet, then i submit. if it pleases a Man to use my mouth or ass as a cunt, then i submit. there is no difference between any of it. a true faggot slave submits.

      Other slaves have asked what the “trick” is to enduring a savage beating, but i now there is no trick involved. being a good slave involves being focused, focused on serving the Man who is using you. being locked in chastity keeps me focused on the Cocks of Superior Men, but staying focused on what i am and what my purpose in life is makes it all easier. Even if something causes me damage, long term pain and suffering, if a Man is even momentarily pleased by it, it is worth it. A true slave focuses exclusively on the Man using it, and on serving Him.

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