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      Sir Todd

      We’re coming on two years now that FD has been online. In order to extend our reach and improve the site, I ask you, what changes and/or additions would you like to see on the site? Get creative and say what you mean.

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      More degrading audio content

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      Maybe original audio content from straight white male himself

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      Hello LORD GOD,

      Thank YOU Sir for allowing we pathetic faggots to share ideas, Sir.

      This sissy bitch is new to the site, but a few thoughts to offer would be:

      1. Perhaps a way for faggots to post photos and videos of themselves, Sir? Not sure if it should be moderated or not. i know in my own case seeing myself and other fags exposed is a motivator to stay involved on a site.

      2. Perhaps a monthly Contest for the faggots to all do the same task or series of tasks and then submit to Sir their proof. The 3 winners would all get to do something even MORE depraved as their reward!

      3. An intensificaton/expansion of the “Faggot Fuckover Live” feature. That makes this fag crazy horny, and seeing more features like that would be amazing and a great draw. Perhaps even a live chat or video chat with the “fuckover faggot of the month” so the fags can urge their sister to surrender even more information, go even further into certain ruination.

      Thank YOU for allowing this bitch to submit these ideas, Sir.


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      Hello God, thank you for all the study material, the lessons they helped to see and accept the truth. All the material you provided, its easy to learn – but seriously also mindfucked and a real brainwash.

      If you allow this fag to talk about things it would like to see on the website, my wish is:

      – lessons they force to build deep shame and self hatred
      – audio file (hypnofile) about shame and self hatred
      – almost every time when I read postings of you God, I would like instantly praise you! Is it possible to have something like ‘thumbs up’ (of course a symbol that would please God, instead the thumb)?

      Thank you God!

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      Something that would make this site better would be a Fag Task of the day gallery. We need to set up a board of humiliating tasks for Fags to complete and share here. This would also help Real Men find fags in their area and help them in being better fags.

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        chase, the fag

        what a great idea! such a brilliant mind. i’m very impressed.

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      directory of posted, exposed, fags available for use

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      You should post a better hook up forum. Fags to abuse, and Straight guys looking for fags. Guys should pick if they are one or the other. This is not really a place to find guys to use me.

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      chat room and list of who in group is on line now..thanks Sir

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      chase, the fag

      more slapping fags content.

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      Thank you, Sir, for allowing stupid faggots to chime in! This faggot loves the site and all its content. This faggot thinks the site could benefit from a stronger chat feature, and the possibility to see who are other fags and Superiors (maybe a member directory)? Lastly, it would be great to help grow the faggot population if we could send invites to friends with a discount, perhaps?

      Thank you, so much, for all the great work and selflessness you show to us. We are truly not worthy!

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      First and foremost Sir, thank you. I would love to see new modules and copies of the faggot Bible. Thank you.

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        I second this! I’d love a copy of the Faggot Bible too!

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      More audio content Sir, specifically urinal hypnosis or ass- eating/ toilet mindfuck. Also perhaps vids of straight men talking about fags.

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      More violent audio clips. Also more stuff on scat please.

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      The bits that have had most effect on me have been the audio, the hypnosis, the videos where Sir tells the faggot all about what it is while fucking it’s throat.

      Talking about rape would be a bonus too.

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      I also like the one where the alpha is talking about using the faggot as a toilet. Piss and shit in its mouth. Have the faggot lick dog shit from his shoes. That is a great audio. More like that please.

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