frustratedfag writes: i have been looking to serve a Superior Straight Man but have not been able to find one. Oh, i find Men who want blow jobs or to fuck me, but i have had no luck finding a Man who wants to actually own me, destroy me, make me His faggot.

What am i doing wrong? i read about other fags getting beaten up, tortured, raped, whored out, etc, and i feel jealous. i want/need that!


Are you sure you’re not sending mixed messages? If you’re being tentative, not really offering yourself to these men fully, it may be that they are getting the message that you are not really looking for it. To be honest, a lot of straight guys don’t really get it yet that faggots are there for our amusement, to be our property, to use and abuse and own. So you may have to get more specific.

The men you serve: do you drink their piss? Lick their boots, lick their asses? Do you degrade yourself in front of them? Do you call them “SIR” and say things like “i will do anything you order sir”? Do you offer them money? Tell them you are theirs to use, whenever and wherever they want?

It sounds to me like you’re being a reticent faggot, just being a cocksucker and nothing more. Get out there and fucking degrade yourself in front of your superiors, you stupid bitch! you want this? Work for it!

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