I am nothing but a worthless faggot. Please SIR show me the way to get really fucked up. Its not right that society says you can’t fuck me over physically, mentally, or financially SIR. SIR forgive me for being a  stupid fucking faggot and falling into that gay-rights crap. Only now am I beginning to understand how stupid I have been.

I know I am not worthy of your effort SIR, I am just a faggot. But please SIR, fuck me up mentally so I can help restore your rights as a superior alpha male.


A part of me wants to change the definition of what it is I and my straight white male friends do to faggots. I’ve alluded to it and as much as I am mentally screwing over a faggot, I am more importantly freeing it from it’s true shackles. So, I am a freedom fighter. I only want faggots to know the truth and to stop struggling with concepts like self-worth, identity, wealth, sex, family. A faggot need not worry itself about these subject that really only apply to straight white men.

I’m already fucking you over. You’re here and you are begging for more. It feels good, yeah? Ha! Shoot me an email if you want personal instruction faggot. Just know that if you approach me, you best be willing to follow through. I am not a patient man and you don’t want me angry with you. Trust me.

Originally posted 2014-06-23 01:16:01.

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