Another one bites the dust.

This website was the 1st educational mind reprogramming tool that got me to where I am today. Initially I treated it as a joke. It could never change my beliefs and attitudes; I’m solid, an activist. This was just a guilty pleasure: erotic fantasy jackoff material for an otherwise strong and equal fag, I mean gay man .It pulls You in and works on Your psyche, And slowly it all starts to change.
You’re not only not resisting it; you’re eating it up. And look at me now: A degraded deviant inferior faggot; all I want to do is worship a cock like yours on a man like you, that’s all! fuck equality! fuck fag marriage! let me be a nasTy cloud blowing slave to a real man. My destiny.

I’m hooked.

-faggot Patrick
This letter shows why all gay men should sign up for Faggot Destruction. Doesn’t a little part of you get sick of gay pride and fighting for equality you know in your heart you don’t deserve? Stop fighting the truth and destroy yourself today by becoming a fully fledged faggot. You’ll end up doing some sick shit, but you’ll be in love the whole time … in love with straight dick, your new God. Sign up today and stop fucking around!

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