dumbfuckfag writes: i have a Straight Man i have been serving, and i am totally in love with Him. i know that He will not ever love me back or want any kind of life with me, but He treats me like a piece of shit. He uses me to take His Cum and Piss, then mostly ignores me. if i ask Him for more, He gets angry. Sometimes He has hit me, thrown me out the door, etc. He always calls within a day or so wanting more, and as long as i pretend nothing happened, He lets me come back.

How do i get Him to treat me better?


That straight alpha is treating you just the way you deserve, faggot. 

Straight men usually have many faggots wanting to serve them, most of whom are grateful for ANY attention they get. So here you are, getting his cum and piss, and you want more? you want him to be nice to you?

Get a fucking clue, faggot: this guy is treating you as well as he ever will. you say you are in love with him? Then get down on your knees and fucking worship him. Let him know you will do anything he wants, and he can treat you any way he wants. That is what love is for a fag!

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