MidwestMan writes: I have this fag who dresses up in drag, and believe me, he passes! When I have gone out with him, guys always hit on “her.” I like to take my fag to straight bars, and then let him suck other guy’s cocks while I watch. Generally, the fag acts like “she” is getting drunk, and then I let the other guys have their way with her. If a guy really wants to fuck, I tell him that he can fuck “her” in the ass, so she doesn’t get pregnant.

Recently, we went to a bar, and while a guy was fucking the fag, he reached around to finger her pussy – and found something different. The guy went berserk and ended up beating up the fag in the alley behind the bar. By the time we got him off the fag, there was blood everywhere. The fag was hurt pretty badly: black eye, split lip, dislocated shoulder, broken fingers.

I felt badly about this when it happened, but recently, the fag told me that he loved it, and wants that to happen more. He wants me to take him to dive bars, make it service guys, and then act like I just figured out he’s male. I told him that, in some of the bars around here, the guys might even kill him, but the fag just got even more excited, and keeps begging me to do it.

What the fuck is wrong with faggots, that they would risk being killed just to get straight cock? And should I do this? The idea, frankly, turns me on.


The answer to your question of what is wrong with faggots is…well, nothing. This is what faggots do, this is how they think, and this is what they are for. A faggot that has even a shred of self-respect – that is wrong. But most faggots are like yours, and if they were all honest, they would ALL be doing this.

So should you do it? You said it turns you on – what other consideration is there? Faggots exist to serve straight men like us, and our pleasure is what is important. If you want to do this, do it! Just send me pics!

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