dumbfuckfag writes: i have a gloryhole set up in the garage of my house. i leave the side door of the garage open all the  time, and Men can stop by and  stick Their hard Cocks through the gloryhole and into my waiting mouth and/or fuckhole. it is great, and more and more Superior Straight Men are using it. Some Men even bring buddies, and sometimes there can be three or four Men waiting to use it. The Men often get verbal and call me a stupid faggot and a bitch etc, but I love it.

The problem is, i am obsessed with the gloryhole. i am there pretty much all the time – all night every night, and even most days. i have a doorbell set up next to it, so if a Man shows up and does not find me there, He can ring the bell. i now sleep on the floor right beside the gloryhole (the gloryhole goes from the garage into a windowless storage room, where i spend most of my time), so as soon as the bell rings, i open the door that covers the hole, and am ready to serve.

i am on the verge of losing my job because i miss so much work, all due to spending all my time at the gloryhole. To be honest, i don’t really care, because my house is paid for. Plus, ever since i started living at the gloryhole, my needs are pretty minimal. Still, i do worry about money.

What can i do? Is this even healthy for me?


The gloryhole is, in many ways, the ultimate way a faggot can serve straight men. The men don’t even have to see it or talk to it: they walk in, stick their cocks through and get what they need. Is there anything that is more perfect for straight guys?

It sounds to me like you don’t have a problem at all. you know your place in the world, kneeling behind the gloryhole and serving men’s hard cocks. Yes faggot, you have found your true calling.

As for money, why is this a problem? If you are sleeping at the gloryhole, why do you need a bedroom? Rent out the bedrooms in your house, preferably to straight men who will know exactly what you are. They will of course make you clean the house and service them, but it shouldn’t take too much time away from the gloryhole. 

In fact, once you start making more money, use it to enhance the experience of the straight men. Put a fridge next to the gloryhole and stock it with beer. Provide poppers, snacks, weed. Let the men know it is all for them. And if you get really creative, install a video screen. I know a faggot here that provides gloryhole service and has a video where it can play straight porn – let me tell you, it is fucking hot! The men who use it generally forget the faggot is even there, and just lose themselves in the porn. The fag says they shoot HUGE loads.

As to whether or not it is healthy: you’re a faggot. This is what faggots are for. you are fortunate that you can afford to live the dream! So live it.  

And post pictures so your brother fags know what to do with their lives.


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