IllinoisJoe writes: Whats the best way to make a faggot impotent without removing its balls? I own a 34 year old fag and hate seeing its little fag prick getting hard when I’m beating or fucking it, we both agree it would be best to straighten out that situation. Any suggestions?


This could be a training issue – using electroshock on its balls any time its dick gets hard might do the trick. it certainly could be fun trying that. Equating extreme pain with a hard dick should help get its dick soft.

But I think your best bet is chastity. Get it a good chastity device that locks its dick away. There are ones that are solid metal tubes so you won’t even see its fag prick any more, and it definitely won’t be able to get hard. When it does start getting hard, the chastity device will cause it a lot of pain and suffering.

The other advantage to this is that your fag won’t be able to jack off or cum any more which will keep it in a constant state of horniness. it won’t be able to get enough of your straight cock in its mouth and pussy.

You can also get ones that are completely enclosed (just a piss hole at the end) that are also significantly smaller than its fag prick when hard. Those are particularly good because it will really be in agony, and its dick becomes completely useless and tiny after a while.



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