theofficefag writes: i work with a real Man who is pretty fucking intense. When He found out i am a faggot, He waited until after work, cornered me in the bathroom, and made me take His Cum down my throat (not that I minded). The problem is, after He shot His load, He got angry at me for doing it.

Now He regularly uses me (blowjobs, urinal service, He even fucks me bareback). But each time, as soon as He Cums, He gets really angry – the last time He flew into a rage and punched me in the face and gut several times.

i am getting afraid of Him, but i know i can’t stop serving Him. What should i do to keep Him calm?


faggot, aren’t you paying attention? This is EXACTLY what faggots are for. He uses you as a cum dump and urinal, then he beats you up. What the fuck are you complaining about?

The next time you serve him, offer to lick his ass, lick his shoes, whatever he wants. And if he starts hitting you, just take it – and make sure you thank him, of course.

Not sure why you stupid faggots need to hear this so often, so PAY FUCKING ATTENTION. Anything a man wants is right. Anything. He orders, you obey.  Got it now fag?

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