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Sir, I have served a Straight White Alpha for two years. It’s slowly progressed from guy friends to a vague Dom-sub dynamic. He’s caught on that I like doing things for him, the other day when I gave him a ride (for the thousandth time) he waited until I retrieved his bag from the back (like a chauffeur) and then laughed at me for doing it. He smokes all my cigarettes. How can I get him to exploit me more? I think were at a tipping point as he’s beginning to expect my deferential behavior.


Why don’t you just put yourself out there so you can receive his full on anger and hate. Make a move on him and let his reaction dictate where you go. Chances are he’ll be pissed off. Just internalize all the anger he sends your way and thank him for it. Ask him if you could serve him in any other ways. Chances are he’ll catch on quick. No guy doesn’t want a personal cocksucker. Just be sure he knows that this is your calling in life and not something you can use to hold over his head. No dude wants be called a faggot.

Originally posted 2014-06-18 07:28:04.

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