mnplsfag fries: i have a Master. He used to be a friend, a Straight Man i would hang out with. Then i read your site and my mind got poisoned, and i wanted to serve Him. i begged Him to let me become His slave His personal property.

After much discussion and thinking about it, He decided He wanted to at least try being my Master. Once we started, He really got into it. i mean, REALLY got into it. 

Now He uses me every day. i love that He wants to fuck me all the time, but He has gotten into a lot of things that sounded okay, but are kind of hard to do regularly. For example: the only time He Pisses in a urinal is when He is at work. All the rest of the time i serve as His personal urinal and toilet. i had never really thought about it, but drinking that much Piss is really hard to do!

He also likes to whip me, and the beatings have become more and more severe. When i have complained, He laughs and says, “I know you like it faggot, so shut the fuck up!” When He talks to me that way, it makes my dick get hard, so He knows He is right.

i had told Him that i fantasized about being whored out. Well, He started doing that, and now i get used by multiple Men. Other than Him, i probably serve 4-6 Men a week – and trust me, none of Them give a shit about me. They just use me as Their whore.

Now He is taking control of my finances, and all aspects of my life. His name is now on the deed for my house, He owns my car, and has unrestricted access to my bank account.

i do like serving Him, but this is kind of out of control! How do I go back and scale this down into something more manageable?


Well, faggot, you don’t. Going back is NOT an option.

You say you want to “scale this down into something more manageable.” By that I think you mean, by something YOU can manage. But the reality is, it isn’t you who is managing this – it is HIM! Your master is the one who is taking charge – exactly the way you begged him to – and it is working out exactly as planned. A faggot can’t “manage” anything like this, but for Straight Men, it’s pretty easy. 

The thing about agreeing to be a faggot slave is, you CAN’T go back. Slavery isn’t something that one dabbles in, then decides to walk away. You become a man’s slave, you are his slave. Period. For life – or until he loses interest. And it doesn’t sound like your guy is about to lose interest!

So shut the fuck up, faggot. You have EXACTLY what you know you want, and this is your new reality. You know you wanted this, so you better learn to embrace your new life. It isn’t going to change.

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