A buddy of mine, who is definitely on the wild side, had a small party at his place. It was all guys, and talk naturally turned to sex. As we sat around drinking, everyone got hornier and hornier. 

Finally, one guy said he wished there was a way we could get off with no strings, and my buddy smiled. He said, “I have a faggot here, and we can all take turns fucking it.” I had heard of guys fucking fags, but never done it, so was somewhat hesitant when he lead us into another room. As we went in, he explained that the fag was his slave, lived in his house 24/7, and was a houseboy and urinal in addition to being a fuck bitch. My mind was reeling.

There it was, bent over a table: this white guy, naked and with his ankles and knees tied to the legs of the table, his ass spread. His upper body was covered with a blanket, so all we could see was his ass (what my buddy called “his cunt.”) He said, “Who wants to go first?” and several guys stepped forward. By the time I got a turn, the fag had 5 loads in his cunt.

This was so fucking great, I can’t even begin to tell you. I’ve fucked a lot of pussy, but never felt anything like the fag’s cunt. I want more! 

How do I go about finding fag cunt to fuck? Ideally, I’d like to have one of my own, to keep locked up and to use often! Or is this kind of a “once-in-a-lifetime” situation?


You clearly haven’t been reading much on this site. If you have, you would know: there are probably 500 fags looking for a man like you for every man looking for some fag cunt. 

There are lots of ways to find fags, including websites and personal ads. But I find the best way is to look for them. You start to notice fags: they will be looking at you, staring at you in public, and when you look at them, they look down. They are submissive and respectful, but they look horny. 

The best thing to do is engage in conversation, either by saying “Hey” or saying “What are you looking at?” If they say something like “Nothing, sorry SIR? then you know you have one. All you have to do is take charge – tell it, “come with me.” Take it home and use it however you want.

Fags are sick and perverted, and you can really have a great time using one. If you truly want to have one 24/7, they are out there. All you have to do is look.

Let me know how it goes! (And I imagine a lot of the fags on this site will offer themselves to you….)

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