floridafag writes: i do not know what is wrong with me, but i keep sinking deeper and deeper.

when i first found your site, i was interested but not so into it. but now, i read it every day, i look at the training modules, i listen to the audio tracks. i read the site all the way through, and have memorized many parts of it.

And every day, i go deeper. i let Straight Men use me in more and more disgusting, humiliating, perverted ways. i have done it all with total strangers (sucking, getting fucked bareback, drinking piss, eating shit, being beaten, etc).

Recently, a Master told me that i was HIS “cashfag” (a term i had never known) and now i am pretty much broke. HE has not even left me enough to pay the rent, and it is due in 5 days. my landlord will NOT give me a second of credit (He knows what i am and finds me disgusting, and is looking for a reason to boot me out.) i am also on the verge of losing my job (my boss saw that i had been visiting this site during work hours.)

if i lose my home, i am screwed, and will be a homeless fag. And yet, all i can do is read your site and submit to Men. What the fuck is wrong with me?


Well, the short answer is that the only thing wrong with you is that you were born a disgusting faggot.

But for a faggot, you seem to have found your true path in life. What does it matter if Straight Men rob you, make you homeless, humiliate and use you. The only thing that is important is that you serve your Superior Straight Gods.

So you are on the right path, and doing great! If you end up living under an overpass and giving blowjobs in cars and back alleys for spare change, you will have reached the pinnacle of faggotry. Be happy in all you have accomplished, you worthless disgusting pig!

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