anonymous said:Hi Sir, today I sinked to a new low in faggotry. I licked my older brother’s toilet, taking special care to get the piss and shit stains. He is aware I’m a fag, and is unfortunately supportive, is there any way I could let him know that I want to serve him.


I’ll tell you what. First you need to let him know in your way that he does not have to support you. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that reality is he does not support you and actually thinks what you do is fucking sick and messed up. I bet anything you’re not throwing that in his face. Just be yourself, a dirty faggot in front of him. When you feel his anger coming up, take advantage of that by helping him release it on you. Tell him that you feel his anger and that you deserve to have it placed upon you where it belongs. Then you can tell him what a sick person you are and the things you’ve done to take advantage of him, like licking up his piss. If you’ve done anything else (I’m sure you have), I suggest you confess. As far as families go, you’ll be fine. He’ll probably make you his full-time cocksucker and he’ll know he can get away with anything for the rest of his life and you’ll pay the cost. That is what you need. Know that. He deserves to know what a sick motherfucker you are. Plan to do so now.

Originally posted 2014-06-28 07:24:42.

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