MASTERTomSJ asks: I own a faggot that is my live-in-slave. It does all the housework and takes care of all my sexual needs without protest. It does things that any of my girlfriends would never even dream of doing. It is a devoted little fag.

Recently I have tried testing its limits. I discovered that I get a great rush from seeing it cry and hearing it whimper in pain, so I’ve started to regularly beat, kick and slap it. I then moved on to choking. It seemed a little hesitant in the beginning, which was surprising since it is usually very enthusiastic and eager to please. I used belts, plastic bags and my hands.

But I got a bit lost in the moment, and I realized I had continued choking the faggot after it had already passed out. It came to quickly enough, but it hasn’t been quite itself since. It has become a bit slower mentally (it wasn’t really that bright to begin with) and it has problems speaking in complete sentences. It can perform simple tasks and it is still a useful as a fuckhole, but what do I do with it when it outgrows its usefulness? It doesn’t have any income or place to live (its family doesn’t want anything to do with it, for good reason), so I can’t throw it out or lock it up in the state that it is in, can I?


That’s a difficult question to answer. I certainly can’t access its cognitive abilities, or suggest how to bring it back to how it was. I would be very surprised if it really lost much from being unconscious for a short time. You would have had to deprive it of oxygen for close to five minutes to start really causing brain damage, so it sounds like, if there really are issues here, they will be short term in nature.

No matter what its brain function is,  I think the answer really is that it will never outlive its usefulness. Most faggots are willing to continue being degraded and use well into their senior years, and as long as it is giving you good service, what do you are how old it is? In fact, if it can’t work or do anything else, it can focus all its limited abilities on serving your cock, and the cocks of other straight men you know.

As to locking it up: why not? A slave of limited mental ability might be even better at coping with long term lock up than one who has all its facilities. I know a guy who has a slave locked in his basement, where it has been for several years. the fucking fag has pretty much lost the ability to reason, and turned into a pure animal. 

So don’t sweat this. You have property that is going to devote itself to you, so just kick back and enjoy.

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