stupidfagdavy writes: i live to serve Straight Men, but i am always worried about what i am doing. i sometimes get worried that the Man i am serving may have an std or is HIV positive, or that He might hurt me. i never refused anything – ANYTHING – a Man wants, but i worry about it a lot. i sometimes even get distracted, and when i should be focused on the Cock in my mouth or fuckhole, i instead think about why i should not be doing what i am doing. Please help!


“Stupid fag” is right. I don’t know how many times I need to say this, but faggots SHOULD NOT THINK. 

Men lead very busy lives, and they have to think constantly: about jobs and advancement, about paying bills, about fucking pussy, about running the whole fucking world. But faggots like you only have to focus on one thing: serving US! you have nothing to actually think about, except the cock that is in front of you.

It seems to me that you have too much free time, which is letting you think too much.  you need to be serving more men, and doing it constantly. Here are some ways of stopping yourself from thinking:

  • Go to a porno video bookstore, and get in a booth with a gloryhole, Put your fuckhole to the gloryhole, and take ANY cock that wants to use you. Focus on keeping your cunt right there for the real men who want it.
  • Go to a public restroom and offer to drink piss from every man who walks in. Do not miss a single guy, kneel between the urinals, keep your mouth open and take any piss offered.
  • Go to a public park and strip off your clothes in the bushes, and present yourself to every man there. 
  • At a cruising park or bathroom or porno bookstore, and can’t find enough cock? Collect used condoms and drink the cum out of them. Lick cum off the walls, floors, video screens. Go in the bathroom and clean the urinals and floors with your faggot tongue. Keep yourself busy!

When doing the things, don’t keep track of time or think about how you have to get some sleep. Faggots like you don’t need to sleep, they need to be of use, all the time.

Understand what I’m telling you? The idea is to keep serving men constantly, and to put yourself at risk. Take their cum, their piss, and their anger. Some the men will probably abuse you, but that is good for a faggot too. Maybe you’ll get knocked unconscious, which will have the effect of causing brain damage and giving you a break from all your thinking. 

Do this every day, and you won’t have much to think about any more.

Get out there, faggot!

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