I get a lot of straight brothers asking me if using a fag makes them gay. They’re curious because, as we all know, nine times out of ten, guys suck dick better than chicks. I reply by asking them:

  • Does using a wrench make you a mechanic?
  • Does using a hammer make you a carpenter?
  • Does using an oven make you a baker?
  • Does using a computer make you an IT specialist?
  • Does driving a car make you a race car driver?
  • Does wearing running shoes make you a marathon runner?

Fuck no!

Just because you use a “tool,” doesn’t mean you’re anything more than what you were before using that tool.

Faggots are just tools for sexual release.

You’re not dating them. You’re not in a relationship with them. You sure as shit aren’t going to marry them. Faggots are simply tools created to give us the idol worship and sexual release straight men deserve.

If you are a gay alpha and you use fags, you were gay before using them and you’ll be just as queer after using them. Just the facts. If you are a straight alpha and you use a fag, you’re still going to be the same after as you were before. No shame. Nothing in your life changes any more than the examples I used at the beginning of this.

Now you know what’s out there, go get it, brothers. Use those tools and get the pleasure you are fucking entitled to.

Comment below if you are a fellow alpha who can attest to this.

If you’re a fag, comment below as well and testify that you’re nothing more than a tool.

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