Choking a faggot while you’re annihilating its ass is one of the best feelings on earth. There is nothing quite as alpha. As you literally take their breath away, their pussies clench tighter and tighter as they suffer from loss of oxygen and gasp for air. Now, you need to be careful not to let them get choked out completely or it’s like fucking a rag doll, and what’s the fun in that? No, you need to keep them just inches from passing out and you’re guaranteed a fuck like no other.

Choking a fag is like inserting a bottle of poppers up its nose and kicking that bottle directly into its brain. Choking is intense. You watch as the faggot becomes more and more stupid until it’s nothing but a wet tight hole for you to fuck your big cock into. You feel the faggot’s throat catch release as you puncture through and then enjoy the tight grip of its throat. Nothing quite like those body parts tightening down on your cock while you rape the faggot’s face. They are chucking up throat slime left and right which makes for great lube when fucking them.

Funny enough, the faggots I’ve done this to not only come back for more, but say that they love the feeling of my hands on their throat as they get pummeled. Go figure. That’s a faggot for you. Physically abuse them and they feel like you’ve bought them flowers. Mentally fuck them over and they act like they’re wearing your ring. Sick? Yes  Dedicated? Yes, also


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