miserablefag writes: you website has ruined me. i feel like i have been hypnotized or something.

i first read your website and found it hot and oddly compelling. But over time, it became more than just compelling – it became a teacher, a bible, a spiritual leader to me. i could not stop reading and looking at the site, and began looking for Superior Straight Men to serve.

Now i am the faggot for a group of Straight Men who get together to play poker, drink beer, and use me and beat me up. They sometimes take me to public bathrooms and leave me on my knees with my mouth open, wearing a tee shirt that reads “Public Urinal.” It is painful and degrading and horrible, and yet i cannot stop showing up when ordered.

Is there a way for me to go back to the happy gay man i was? i used to be active in the community, known as a hard worker who would volunteer for good causes. Now all i am is a fuckhole and urinal. Is there a way to get my old self back? How do i break the spell you have put on me?


There is no spell on you, you stupid faggot. If you have read this site, you have heard me say many times that I do not control faggots. All I do is point out the truth, and the faggots respond.

There is no going back. You are now the faggot hole you were born to be, and deep inside, you know that this is right for you. Stop thinking and trying to figure this out. faggots are not smart enough to understand what is happening, so don’t even try. Just go out and get some more straight cum and piss. That is all you are good for now. Congratulations!

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