Germanfaghater says:  I’m straight as hell and I hate fags. When a cousin told me he is a pathetic cocksucker, I instinctively punched him. A few weeks later, when we met at some family celebration, he apologized for making me angry and gave me 200 Euros as an apology. I took it, of course. Later he begged to serve me, doing laundry, cleaning my toilet and disgusting stuff like that, the kind of shit a man never would do voluntarily. I sent him away; I guess he just wants to sniff my pants or even to touch my dick. If he ever tried, I would beat him seriously. On the other hand: he could do the chores and pay for it and I would take my belt off to beat the faggoty out of his dirty arse.

What should I do? Do you think he is serious? Are fags so pathetic and weak that they really offer themselves to a fagbasher?


Fags are scum. They are willing to degrade and debase and humiliate themselves in front of straight men like us, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t let them. You have a perfect situation there, man, why would you wait? Let your faggot cousin do your laundry, clean your house and pay you for the privilege. Use his mouth as a urinal, and beat him if he drops a single drop. You can even let him suck your dick while you watch straight porn. Make the fag please you, and then beat the shit out of it for being such a lowlife fag.

Go for it!

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