phillytop writes: I have a fucking faggot that is getting on my nerves. it doesn’t really seem to want to do the things I make it do.

For example: I bought an expensive rubber piss hood, one that has a tube that connects to a sheath over my cock. I think it’s fucking hot, but the slave says it “doesn’t like to be in a rubber hood.” it doesn’t like to be handcuffed, doesn’t like to be naked outside, it doesn’t like chastity,etc etc.

But this faggot gives fucking awesome head and has a hot fuckhole. I can’t get enough of its cunt, but I hate to listen to it. What should I do?


it’s a fucking faggot, right? So shut it up.

it doesn’t like the piss hood? Fuck that, put the hood on it. It doesn’t like handcuffs? Snap some on and make them nice and tight. Whatever it doesn’t like, you make worse for it.

You need to remind this stupid fag that there are plenty of faggots out there jonesing for hot straight cock. it can be replaced in a minute. So if it doesn’t want to be hooded or cuffed, you can easily find a fag who will.

Don’t let it have ANY control man. faggots want to be under the control of men, and it’s up to us to make it happen. Make that faggot do what you want!

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