“Our urinal that art thy heaven…”

Faggots embrace depravity and hold it close to their heart, much like those who embrace religion. Things that any normal functioning human would find absolutely repulsive, the faggot deems normal. Just look at this faggot kneeling at his altar, worshipping and absorbing the remnants of its highest god, Cock.

Look at it suck the stains from the toilet bowl and filthy floor of the well used men’s room. How many of you faggots have done exactly this? I’m sure we could find you on a good day rolling around on the floor of a filthy public men’s room floor as your body rolls over and ingests the cum, spit, and piss that live on the floor of any such an establishment.

Even the sickly scent of old piss and cum acts like poppers to a faggot, making them horny beyond measure. Their randy selves roll in the spent remains of real men. And it’s only a matter of time before a straight guy enters the restroom and comes across the fag, writhing in ecstasy as it’s body moisturizes itself with old semen, spit, and piss.

More than a few straight men will take advantage of the pathetic queer in this situation, and stick his dick in its face in order to fuck its fag face. Straight men know that these men’s room haunting fags, in their heightened state of religious arousal, will do anything the straight men ask. They’ll even accept the smacks and fist bumps to the head of the straight men who see their fag actions as sick and repulsive. Sucking cock, getting fucked, even putting on a show is not beneath fags stuck on a men’s room bender. Some will even bring it to the home restroom when straight men reside in their residence.

Call it a faggot high, men’s rooms and locker rooms serve as potent drugs to the faggot in search of superior straight men and their -razed cocks. Fortunately, straight men know how to take advantage of the situation and both the fag and the straight man go home happy after such an encounter, the faggot just a bit more bruised and damaged, while the straight man feels relief and satisfaction.

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