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Master/God SS Nordic Superior One; I am a lowly piece of shit faggot without a straight master to keep me in line. Sometimes I go out late on Friday or Saturday night around 2:00 AM as the straight bars are closing and walk around looking to have a confrontation with a superior Alpha(s) in the hope of getting my ass kicked because I need it real bad. It’s worked out very well for me (beat downs most of the time). Is this unfair for me to be tricking the Alpha God for my own benefit?


This is actually an easy question. You are simply putting yourself into the position that all faggots should be putting themselves into. You receive joy from getting the faggot kicked into you. Those straight boys get off on fucking you up and fagbashing you. You’re doing nothing wrong. In fact, other faggots should take your example and put themselves out there. I’m sure you can attest. Most fagbashings are as hardcore as your ‘activists’ want you to believe. Like I’ve said before. I leave most of them with the dude a week later wanting more. Ha!

Originally posted 2014-06-28 07:22:02.

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