fagboyNC writes: i came to this site on a whim, and was disgusted by it. i thought you were sick to treat gay men like this, and i vowed never to return. 

But the next day, i did return – and then every day since then. i joined up and became a member, i have sent tributes, and i have done all the training modules, watched the videos, read the stories. i realized that you are not saying that all gay men must be treated like garbage, but that there is a large subset of faggots who in fact need this.

And i found that i am one of them. The deeper i go, the more i realize this is about what i am. i do not like it, i do not want it, but i have no choice. This is truly my identity.

Is there any way to stop? Do i have any hope for a normal life?


Short answer: no. Once you realize you are a faggot, there is no going back.

Oh sure, you could try. You could look for a relationship, try to be a happy lover to some nice guy, and eventually even get married. You could buy a house, get a dog, try to be “normal.” But I advise against it. Because you and I both know that, sooner or later, your real nature will come out. You will realize once again that you are nothing but a faggot whore, and you will have to act on those impulses.

Meanwhile, that nice guy you married will be fucked over by you. He might get various diseases from you, but he’ll also lose what he thought was an equal partner. You might even break his heart. Why do all that collateral damage?

So no, don’t try to go back. You have already embraced what you are – hold on to it. Be the faggot you know you were born to be. That is the only thing you have that will make you truly content.

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