newfag writes: I am interested in total destruction. Do you have any advice on how to contact and serve a Superior White Man in person?  


Glad to hear you are finally on the path to your true destiny, faggot. 

There are so many ways to connect with superior men, and many are already discussed on this site. But  you are probably too stupid to find them here, so here is a summary. These are the important considerations when offering yourself to straight men, and to make it easy for your faggot brain to grasp and retain, I call this “The Five A’s for Faggots”:

  • Advertise. A well written Craigslist ad, offering your services to straight men, can definitely bring you results. your cell phone number, written at glory holes, in public bathrooms, offering your services to straight men, also may bring you some business.
  • Attitude. Make sure you are always respectful, submissive and obedient to straight men. Keeping your eyes down, calling all straight men “Sir”, and offering to assist them in any way they want is a good way to show straight men what you are.
  • Attire. Dress in slutty outfits. Show off what you have, and make sure you are wearing things that will get straight guy’s attention. If a guy wants you to expose yourself in public, do not hesitate – show him what he wants to see. If a guy calls you a faggot, say “yes Sir” and keep your eyes down.
  • Available. If a straight guy makes a comment that he is interested in having your service, jump at the opportunity. Do not negotiate time, location or activity – make sure you just say “yes Sir”.
  • Agreeable. There are no safe words, no limits, nothing for you to say”no” to. If a straight man wants to use you, you submit. He wants to beat you, you submit. He wants to take your money, you hand it over. He wants to take pics, you pose. He wants to have strangers use you, you treat each of them the same way you would treat him. you are his urinal, his cum dump, his slave, his property. Do not disappoint him – EVER!

If you follow these suggestions, you will have straight guys using you the way you know you were born to be used.  Good luck, faggot!


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