MasterDave writes: I am a str8 man with real fetish for metal. I love metal restraints, collars, cages, chastity devices. I hope you’re okay with answering questions about a very specific problem:

I now have a slave that I am keeping 24/7 for the foreseeable future. But I’ve been noticing that the wrist and ankle restraints chafe a lot, and the slave is in considerable pain from those devices. The chafing appears to be spreading to its neck (under the edge of the collar) and the chastity cage.

What can I do to prevent this?


Although I am tempted to say, “Why do anything? Let the faggot suffer!”, I know that, in the real world, we do have to take a modicum of precautions so our property doesn’t get sick or develop infections.

The best way to deal with it is to change up the devices. Metal is particularly hot but also particularly brutal. I suggest you think of the metal restraints as a real punishment, and only lock it in them when it has done something to deserve that punishment. Leather restraints, rope etc will hold it well and will not give its skin that level of damage.

Having it wear something under the restraints is a good idea as well. My faggot slave often wears leg irons, but they are put on over its boots and socks. One of the things I like is having my fag naked but in tight boots, so its feet are sweltering while it is shivering.

Similarly, a hood that comes down over the fag’s neck is a good way of protecting its neck from the damage of a rigid metal collar.  And leather gloves or, better yet, padded fist mitts, can be used to protect the wrists of a slave with sensitive skin.

There are various salves one can put on that type of chafing, but I don’t think that is the right idea. If the damage is severe, you might have to resort to that, but I would recommend trying to avoid that level of damage in the future. Leave the metal off and let the fag’s carcass heal itself, and then just be a little more careful. 

But it sounds like you know what a faggot is for – enjoy!


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