sickfagluke writes: I serve as faggot slave to my own dad, how sick is that?

Well, he is actually NOT my dad, but the guy who married my mother years after my real dad left us. He’s always been quite bossy with us kids, it is his attitude, plus he’s got one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen. When I was a teenager I had fantasies about blowing him, but obviously nothing ever happened.

Then, years later, one day he passed by to visit me in my apartment. Everybody in my family knew I was gay by then, no problem about that. Out of the blue he asked me “What would you do if I told you to blow me?”. I gasped. I had no idea if he was just joking or really teasing me. I answered “I guess I would have to obey you, Sir”. With no hesitation he took out his huge dick and said: “Kneel down and blow me, fag”. From that moment on I’ve been his sex slave.

He visit me every other week, he likes getting blown and sometimes, if he’s really horny or had a couple of beers more, he fucks me.

Now, after several months, he asked me to find other fags to play with. He wants “a small team of fags to use” he said.

What should I do? How can I ask other people to play with me and my dad? Is this the most twisted request ever? Please help me.

What you should do, you stupid faggot, is obey him. You were right to obey him when he told you to serve him, so how is this any different? You are his sex slave, his faggot fuckhole. You do as he orders.

How do you ask guys? You can advertise – on CL, on A4A, wherever – and get guys who are willing to participate.

Fags are stupid and obsessed with straight male cock. Trust me, you will have LOTS of guys interested. If you can get a picture of your Dad’s cock for the ad, it will make it a lot easier to find someone.

And as to your other questions: no, this isn’t the sickest, most twisted thing ever. You are a fag. This is what fags are for. You’re lucky that your stepfather understands this, and knows how to use a faggot like you. It’s not sick, it’s perfectly natural and normal. Just do what he wants and stop whining about it!

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