HungGary writes: I need some advice on how to keep my faggot from making so much noise when I rape its pussy. I have a really huge cock (about 11.5″, seriously) and most chicks can’t handle it. But a faggot should be able to take it without a sound, though my current faggot makes a lot of noise. Since I sometimes fuck it in public bathrooms, garages, etc, this is a potential problem. Best ways to gag a fag?


Lots of options. You may have to plan this out some, as you can’t just do it on the spur of the moment. You may need to have some supplies with you.

But here are some thoughts:

  • having a buddy use its mouth might be a good way of keeping it quiet – and making it pay attention to what its mouth is doing.
  • gagging a fag with a wet rag instead of a dry cloth helps cut the noise. Take its underwear and soak it in your piss, then jam it down its faggot throat.
  • duct tape, strapping tape or any strong tape is a good way of suppressing noise. But often, faggots can make a lot of noise through their noses as well, so after you have its mouth taped up good and tight, you might have to squeeze its nose closed while you fuck it. Give it as much oxygen as you think is appropriate as you use it.
  • A garrote around the neck is an excellent silencer. As with the tape, making your faggot think that you’re going to cut off all its oxygen may help keep it quiet, and also should keep its cunt nice and tight (fear has a way of making them clench).
  • If all else fails, punching the faggot in the face every time it makes a sound should train it pretty fast. A broken/bloody nose, black eyes and loose teeth are good training reminders for a faggot.

Whatever you do, don’t let up – fuck that bitch hard!

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