alamoboy writes: i have been serving a Straight Man for several years, and it has been great. i even signed a contract with Him, making me His slave. He is strict but fair, and has been using me pretty regularly.

But everything changed recently, when he told me that his wife had started to suspect something. He said we would have to “cool it.” He said He knew His wife was hiring an investigator to figure out what He has been up to, and so He needs to “not be up to anything.”

I was devastated, but He said, “Don’ worry – I found you another guy to serve.” i was nervous about this, but He has never steered me wrong, so i agreed But when i met the new Master, i was appalled. My old Master was handsome and well built, but the new Man is probably 50 lbs overweight, covered with coarse hair, and has limited hygiene. He has an uncut Cock (big, of course, like all Straight Men) but it does not appear He has every cleaned it. His balls reek, His asshole is disgusting. He wars the same socks seemingly for weeks at a time.

Recently He fucked me, and then came around in from of me to shove His Cock in my mouth to “clean it.  i could not believe how disgusting it was – not so much from my ass as from all the smegma and…filth… accumulated there. He also Pisses in my mouth every day, and i am expected to take every drop – even of His strong morning Piss. Frankly, all His Piss tastes like battery acid!

He is also a lot more abusive than my previous Master, and has little regard for me at all.When He fucks me, it always is more like rape than just fucking. He pounds me deep and hard, and always does it in a way that makes it hurt. If i cry out, He laughs and does it harder.

He has even taken things from my house. For example, i had my grandmother’s engagement ring, a beautiful antique ring, and He recently sent me a picture of His wife wearing it. He said she was “extremely demonstrative” to Him when He gave it to her. He also took my 6-” TV, and let tin its place a “1983 Solid State Sony portable”  i did not even know one could still use black and white TVs!

I hate this guy! What do i do to get my Master back?


Before I answer your question, let me ask you a question: are you a Man, or a faggot?

We both know the answer, fag. you’re a fucking faggot, and not deserving of pleasure or respect or any kind of fair treatment. you know this, if you have spent even five minutes reading on this site. iI happen to know that you have been here for quite a while. you know what you are.

So what do you do? you serve your new man, and you do anything – and I mean ANYTHING – he tells you to do. 

you say you aren’t attracted to him? So what? fags don’t get to say no to real men, and they don’t get to choose who uses them. A fag like you is nothing but two holes for a real man to use, and that is what you are going to continue to be. you are never going to let your new master know how repulsed you are by him, and you are going to worship him and realize that you are EXTREMELY lucky to have a man like him to own you. And you’re going to thank your former master for making sure you had someone to serve.

This is what fags are for. Accept what you are, and do what you’re told bitch!

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