muscleboundfag writes: i am a faggot in North Carolina, and i live for the hard cocks of real Men. i have found a Straight Man who uses me pretty often, and His Straight cock is amazing – almost 10 inches, so thick, and ever hard.

The problem is, He likes to hurt me. He likes to beat and whip me, torture me, use electro, wax, weights, etc. He also keeps me locked in chastity and whores me out to His Straight Buddies all the time. He has taken literally hundreds of pictures of me doing disgusting shit, which He says will get published online and sent to everyone i know if i ever refuse to do what He orders. And i think He is stealing from me when He comes to my house.

i am okay with the humiliation and even the constant use, but i am not into the pain, and i don’t like His taking pictures. How can i convince Him to treat me better?


I was going to ask “What are you, stupid?”  But then I remembered who I’m talking to. By definition, fags are stupid.

I don’t know how your man could treat you better than he is. He is using you “pretty often” and has other men use you. This is what a fag is for!

You are still thinking that you get a choice in what happens to you, but “choice” is something that is reserved for men. Fags don’t get choice, they get used. Your man wants to beat and torture you? Not only do you take it, you thank him. He takes pictures of you doing disgusting shit? Smile for the camera, fag. You think he is taking money? Give him your ATM card.

As a faggot, you don’t know what is best for you – that’s why all fags want a straight man to take control of their pathetic lives and show them the way. Beating a faggot is a straight man’s right. If he is taking your money, it isn’t stealing – it’s restitution.

You have found a man willing to treat you as you should be – shut up and stop complaining. You’re a lucky faggot, don’t fuck it up by asking questions.

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