bhamstr8man writes: i have a faggot who loves to serve me, and I love to beat the shit out of it before and after. But sometimes, I go a bit far, and the faggot is pretty bloodied and injured. I love to use a studded leather belt to beat it, and the studs sometimes really fuck up its hide.

Any suggestions on what I should do to make sure it’s okay before throwing it out?


If you’ve fed it your cum, piss and/or shit, I’m sure it’s as happy as any faggot can be. No reason to worry about it being “okay”.

In fact, you should start seeing if the marks you leave can become permanent. Have you tried using the belt repeatedly in the same place, to leave really deep marks? What about putting salt on the wounds when you are done?

I knew one guy who used a bullwhip on his faggot, then poured ink and salt in the wounds. The salt made the slave writhe in agony, and the ink made the marks permanent. The fag’s back looked like a roadmap of scars when he was done with it!

Anything that makes the faggot scream and potentially leaves your marks on it for life are good things. Don’t worry about it being okay. As long as you are content and have been serviced well, everything is fine!

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