There is no better feeling on earth. To feel your utter power and contempt, and then to be able to release that hatred and anger on a faggot. It’s cathartic. And it serves the faggot well too.

More straight men would be in a better place if they’d make the following realization – there are people out there that WANT to be fucked up and fucked over. They will do anything for your abuse. As much as you hate them, they love you and your cock. You are only helping to fulfill nature’s role by inflicting your abuse on faggots.

All a straight white man has to do is exist. Slap the fuck out of that faggot with your giant white cock and it’ll get as much pleasure from the beating as you do getting your cock pleased. Nothing feels better than that smack of your cock against a faggot’s face and seeing how much they love/hate being your punching bag. .

Make it suffer while you feel so good. It’s nature at work.

“Looks like you’ll be getting another black eye.”

”Thank you, Sir.”

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