Newbie queerboy writes: the Superior Straight Man who uses me most often has, like most Straight Men, a huge Cock, very thick.  i have a really hard time sucking Him without scrapping my teeth on His thick rod.  He gets very angry with me, and now He wants to pull my front teeth so it will not happen again.
I think this will make me look like some kind of freak, a hick or something, and I probably won’t be able to get any good jobs (I work as, what else, a gay waiter)  I don’t know what to do.  Help!

You know exactly what to do, faggot.  Go to the guy with a pair of players, and ask him to yank your teeth out.  If he wants to do it with his fist, make sure he wears a protective glove – slave mouths are dirty, and you don’t want him getting an infection.   So what if you can’t work?  then you’ll just have to serve him more often, and eat his cum piss and shit to sustain you.

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