theurinal writes: i have been a urinal for Straight Men for several years, and i really love it. i think drinking Piss is the ultimate submission, much more so than sucking Cock. i love when a Straight Man just walks up and uses me as a urinal, and treats me the same way He would treat a real urinal – just uses my mouth and leaves.

i watch a lot of videos about it, and i see mostly that the guys do not really drink the piss. It goes in their mouths and then runs out down their chins. i guess that may be erotic for a Man to see a fag letting itself get covered with Piss. But i do not know, it seems disrespectful to let a Straight Man’s Piss fall to the ground or go down the drain.

What do you think?


When a man uses a urinal, he expects that his piss will be processed. A porcelain urinal takes the piss down the pipe. That’s the reason a man uses it, he wants his piss in the urinal – not on the floor or walls.

It’s the same thing when a faggot drinks piss. Most men don’t want their piss wasted, they want a fag that will gulp down every fucking drop. Think about when you suck a man’s cock – do you waste the cum? Or do you swallow down every fucking drop in gratitude and appreciation? Of course, you take it all. That is the right thing to do.

And it’s also a sign of respect. By swallowing every drop of his piss, you show him how much you worship him. 

Those videos that you see are not made by people with a lot of brains, nor are they guys who really understand the true role of a faggot like you. Don’t pay attention to influences like that. Fags drink piss – as much as they can get.

So even if he pulls back and pisses all over you, that piss should not be wasted. When he is done, get down on the floor and lap up every drop of his sweet nectar. After all, that is one of the few things a faggot is good for – swallowing a man’s piss and keeping the toilet, the ground, the walls clean. Plus, in areas that have water restrictions, drinking a man’s piss is a good way to help him save water – he doesn’t have to flush a slave!

Gulp down every fucking drop, faggot. You know it’s the right thing to do. Don’t disappoint the men who use you.


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