I know some of you faggots wonder what a real mouth duck feels like when given by a real man. And straight friends have asked me what a faggot bj is like. Following is guidance for straight men out there curious as to how far they can go with a faggot blowjob.

1. Always rape fuck a faggot’s throat until you’re balls deep. Hold the faggot’s head firmly down on your crotch. Use the fag’s head like you would a Fleshlight. 

It’s your right as a straight man to use faggots this way. This will eventually cause the fag to pass out as it loses air choking on your junk.

2. Once the fag passes out, keep your flock in its throat balls deep, then slap it back to consciousness. 

You may need to really smack the Fag’s head hard to get it to come back. Don’t be gentle. This is your time to be brutal.

3. ​Hold the faggot down on your cock while it struggles.

When the fag comes to, she will buck and choke and her throat will wiggle around desperately. This feels amazing on your cock and will result in a great cum.

The fag will experience many feelings: lust, passion, even love, while servicing your big cock, but most importantly, it will feel used and degraded. She might even be scared on top of the humiliation she feels when you really fuck up her throat and face. Rest assured that the  fag is used to these feelings and actually feels honored to be used like this by you. You are giving the fag a gift it longs for – something queers can’t get from each other. Your heterosexuality is their aphrodisiac and your ticket to better blowjobs, on demand

4. Shoot your load directly into the faggot’s stomach.

The fag was born for this kind of ‘abuse’ and will thank you for it. They will go so far as to kiss your cock once you slide it out. Don’t let them make out with your cock if it’s sensitive.

5. Remind the faggot that it’s time to get out (if she hasn’t left already).

The fag is disgusting and loves being used like a Fleshlight. Her throat catch is already ruined if it’s any good at getting throat raped. You are doing no harm in helping the poor faggot to see it’s worth and value. You and your straight dick are God in their eye. This is why they thank you for fucking up their faces.

Go forth, men, and destroy some faggot throats! Be sure to comment with your experiences. And faggots, do you agree with this guidance (not that it really matters if you care)?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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