butchfag writes: i am a lowlife faggot that has learned a lot from this website. i know what i am, what i am for, and what i should be doing. not all of it is easy to accept, but i am working on it.

i have a Straight Man i serve, and He is slowly ruining my life. He has taken control of my finances, and i know He has taken most of what i have saved. He has moved into my house, and now His name is on the deed. He regularly throws away my possessions and replaces them with things He has bought, using my money. He also has told me that, if i do not like being His property, i can leave – but i know i would be homeless, broke, alone. He knows that too, and it makes Him laugh.

He put my dick in a chastity cage which is metal and too small for me, and He refuses to take it off. i recently got a sore from it, and He laughed as He poured iodine onto it. It does seem to have solved the problem, but it hurt like a motherfucker. He also whore me out, and takes pictures of strangers using me. 

The latest thing is that He has started outing me as a faggot to everyone i know. He started with my family, and now none of them speak to me. (He send my father pictures of me drinking Piss through  gloryhole while a stranger fucked me, which had the expected result.) He has also outed me to my coworkers. Although i am still employed, i am now treated like a lowlife piece of shit, and some of my coworkers have started using me as a urinal and cocksucker, as well as making me do their work. 

i do not see any way of getting out of this, so i think it is too late for me. But i think my fellow faggots should be warned that this is a one-way street. i am not complaining, but i am the property of this Man, and there is nothing i can do about it. i hope my brother faggots will approach this with caution, and make sure they really want what they say they want. Once you get it, you can’t go back.


Yeah, I don’t think you’re complaining – I think you’re boasting!

You are a stupid faggot that wanted to be treated like the fag slave whore that it is. Now you have it, and you’re wondering if you made a mistake. Guess what, fag: too late! you are now stuck with the crappy life you have, the life you know you deserve and have always wanted. 

And trust me, your brother faggots are all green with envy! So shut the fuck up and be grateful. You have exactly what you want, and exactly what most of the faggots reading this want.

I expect you to send a tribute to me, thanking me for showing you the way, and I expect you to continue on the path you re on. Whatever happens, it is what is best for you. Yeah, you’re right: you might end up homeless broke and alone. So what? you got to be what you were born to me, and lots of guys never have that opportunity. Be grateful to everyone who helped you achieve your ultimate goal!

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