faglandtx writes: i have a Straight Man who i serve, and i worship Him. He is the perfect Man. He is strong, He is dominant, He is independent. He protects me and cares for me, making sure i am not bothered by other Men (who always seem to know that i am a faggot). i would die for Him.

But He likes to have parties at His house, where He has groups of Men come over. i am expected to be naked while everyone else is dressed, and They all use me. Some use me as a urinal, some use me as a fuck hole, some use me to give Them blow jobs. He loves to watch and take video and pics of this. i have no idea where those videos and pictures end up.

i hate this! i want to spend my days worshiping and serving my Man, taking His Cum and Piss and pleasing Him. He does give me His Cum and Piss on a daily basis, and that is enough for me. Why do i have to service all these guys?


Short answer: Because he tells you to.

you seem to be in a great situation, where you have a guy who is clearly interested in keeping you and using you. Many fags don’t find that, and they serve man after man, never finding one who wants to use them on an on-going basis. So trust me: most of the fags reading this will want to trade places with you.

you say you want to worship and serve your man – well, that’s what you are doing. He wants you to serve other men, and you’re doing it. Does it matter that you don’t like it? Of course not. What matters is he wants it, and you do it. This is the reason he is still using you – because you do his bidding.

So sure, go ahead and tell him you don’t want to do it. Trust me, faggot, you will be out on your ass in nothing flat. 

Dont fuck this up, bitch. Do what he wants, and do it eagerly. When you have another man using your mouth or pussy, just focus on the fact that your man wants this, and you are pleasing him by submitting. That is the only thing you have to think about. Serve those men like you would serve him, and make him proud!

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