Kevy the faggot writes: As you know faggots were born inferior and should always service. Faggots should not get hard, let alone be able to cum or reproduce. Their attention should only be on real men/boys.

Since the faggot registration has started. Do you believe that all faggots should be at least castrated, if not nullified; once they are identified? (My kind should understand and volunteer to be at least castrated, if not then castration should be forced so we would be better at satisfying straight white men/boys!)


Don’t presume to understand straight men and their thoughts, faggot. Although on the surface it would appear that your idea has merit, it is not for you to decide.

Many straight men actually enjoy the fact that faggots have balls. Faggot nuts are an excellent way of controlling faggots, Nut sacks can be used to restrain faggots, to torture them, and to make sure they pay attention.

Faggots need a lot of guidance – what better way to guide a fag then by yanking on its sack to get it to do  what is required?

When you have a straight God to worship, one who wants to own your fag ass, it will be up to him whether or not you keep your worthless balls. Just remember, as he crushes them in his fist, you are pleasing him with your suffering!

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