uncut rick writes: I have a fag/slave that I use several times a week. Things have progressed and it does anything/everything I want, including cleaning my house, filling my car with gas, buying groceries and preparing meals. For the past several months it has been living in my garage, and it’s working out great.

But now the faggot seems to have a new obsession: it wants me to whore it out. Not only that, it wants me to whore it out to HIV positive guys, and it wants me to make sure they fuck it without protection.

I always wear a condom when I fuck it, even though it claims to be disease free. So this wouldn’t be a real problem for me – but why does the stupid fucker want to be made to take positive cum?


I think you answered your own question when you called it a “stupid fucker.” faggots are by nature far inferior to real men, and that includes physically, mentally, intellectually.

Personally, I don’t even believe faggots are human or even that they have souls. They are what they say they are: fuckholes for real men. If anything, I think most fags are honest that they are cum dumps, fuckholes, urinals, and they accept what they are.

So what the fuck? Whore it out, and see what happens. Write “CUM DUMP” on its ass, take it to a cruising park, tie it to a tree naked and let every guy there fuck it bareback. You’ll have little trouble getting it pozzed up, and it’ll thank you for it!

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