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Sir, your blog has changed my life. I have now accepted my own self hatred, given up my self respect and dignity and now have accepted that my sole purpose in life is to serve/worship the Straight White Alpha God. ALL faggots realize this TRUTH deep down inside – it’s just a matter of acceptance. It is the natural law of nature. My worthless, inferior life now has a purpose. I will now convert others. Thank you. YOU are GOD. I will now pay homage to your greatness.

I appreciate your sharing and hope you’ll feel free to post as yourself and not anonymously sometime soon. What you say is the truth, plain and simple and about as basic as one can put it. I am working with an “activist” who is well known in the faggot world (could have fooled me) who is on the verge of coming out against everything he’s spoken up for during his career. This is a bold step but in the end, it will serve to free him, and not those hanging onto his every word.

I hope this person does come to terms with himself, as you have, so that he can find worth in his stupid faggot life. If he doesn’t stop living the lie, if you ALL don’t stop living the lie, society is in a heap of trouble. What I preach and what I do is out of a generosity. In the training on my new site, I make it a point to remind you that Hate is not the opposite of love. The opposite of love AND Hate, is indifference. So get off your pathetic fucking asses, wake up your limp faggot dick, and make some decisions about how you’re going to live the rest of your life. Do something about it NOW.

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