i am a Russian slave, currently living in Denmark. I got out of Russia by meeting a guy here who agreed to marry me. He knew that i am a slave, and HE wanted to own me. i have been with Him for about 6 years.

Recently, He told me that He has decided to sell me to a German Master. He says i will be transported across the border hidden inside a wooden box. i will be delivered to my new Owner in Germany, who plans to keep me caged and restrained for the rest of my life. He says i will never get to cum again, i will be used as a fuckhole, a toilet and will be whored out. He says i will never be able to escape and i will never even see who is using me, as i will be kept blindfolded for the rest of my life. He says this man is a true sadist who will torture me unmercifully, and that i will be in a place where no one will ever know i am there or hear me if i scream. i will not even know where i am.

i asked Him what would happen if i got sick, but it turns out my new Owner has a close buddy who is a doctor. He said that “medical experiments” may also be done to me. That sounds scary to me.

i have already been locked in chastity since He married me, but now He says it will be permanent. i asked Him what would happen if my new Master tired of me, and HE smiled and said, “He is good at disposing of unwanted trash.” 

He says that, if i do not want this, i can go back to Russia. But i cannot be a gay slave in Russia! i feel like i only have one choice. Is there something else i can do?


Well, that depends. Are you a man, or a faggot?

If you were a man, I’d suggest you leave. After 6 years of marriage, you probably have Danish citizenship. you could get a job and support yourself and live like an adult human male.

But we both know that ain’t happening. you’re a faggot slave, and you could no more walk away from your current Master than you could flap your arms and fly.

So you are going to submit. you are going to tell him you will do whatever he orders, and that, if he wants to sell you to this German Sadist, you will go along with it. And yes, you’re going to spend the rest of your life restrained, blindfolded, tortured, used. Totally fucked. And if one day he decides to dispose of you – well, so what? you are totally disposable. you are trash. you know this already.

This seems the perfect lifestyle for a faggot slave like you – I”m not sure what you’re complaining about. Do what you’re told!

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