Hardhatjoe writes: I’m a straight guy who owns and runs a small construction company. We do a range of work, and the work can be pretty brutal for me and my guys.

I have a faggot slave that currently exists in a cage in my basement. I haven’t let it out in a long time, but it begs me often to let it work for me. it says it will work long hours, it will service me and anyone else I want to have use it, and it will of course not accept any pay. Sounds like a fucking sweet deal!

But the slave hasn’t worn clothes in a long time, and I like keeping it naked. But I know that, if I take it to a site, it is going to be seen – and it can’t be naked all the time. 

Any advice on slave attire? I live in Arizona, where it’s hot and conservative.


I know, having a slave in clothing seems completely counterintuitive. But the reality of our world is, a slave that is taken outside generally needs to be wearing clothes.

But the clothes can be pretty minimal, particularly in places where the weather is usually hot. If it will be working on a job site, a hardhat, work boots/gloves and incredibly short shorts might be the best outfit for it. Have it wear cut offs that are cut so short that it has to constantly be careful its balls aren’t hanging out. The idea is for it to have clothes that make it less comfortable, and having to worry that it could be arrested for indecent exposure by letting its balls hang out should keep it tense.

You might also want to consider keeping its pathetic fag dick locked in a chastity device. If the shorts are tight and very short, its co-workers will probably notice pretty soon, which should make things more interesting.

The good news is that, on a construction site, with guys working hard in the heat, these shorts generally won’t raise an eyebrow. But for guys who are at all clued in to using faggots, they will quickly figure out what it is, and may want to use it. And you could probably charge them for it, increasing your profits even further. Sounds like a real win for you!


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