Sirtoyoufag writes: I live in California, and we are under shelter in place. About two weeks before the order (three weeks ago), a faggot offered to become my slave, and i have kept it restrained, naked, in chastity, ever since. it initially agreed to a two week training – but once the Shelter in Place order came out, I told it it couldn’t leave. 

Since “working from home” involves about two-three hours a day, I have a LOT of time on my hands. I’ve been spending time using the slave as a urinal (I haven’t pissed in the toilet for three weeks), as a fuckhole (fucking it multiple times a day) and to do chores, prepare meals, do laundry, dishes, etc. 

Since this is going to go on at least another two weeks, and probably significantly longer, I want to really double down on the training. Any thoughts on what I should do?


Sounds like you have the right idea about what to do during your quarantine.

Your training of it can take many many forms, depending on how you want to use it. But ultimately, what  faggot slave seeks is humiliation. So I think you should really focus on humiliating it. Here are some ides:

  • Locking the slave in chastity is certainly the best place to start. the fag needs to learn that you have a cock that is used for pleasure – it’s dick is to cause it pain. Find what turns the slave on, and do that to it so its fdick gets hard and causes it to suffer. Or drip hot wax on it. Use a tens unit on its balls and nips.
  • Control everything it does. Keep it naked, certainly, but also control how it walks, when (or if) it talks, how it moves, where it sits (never on furniture). Make it leave the bathroom door open when it uses the toilet, tees a shower, anything. it should have ZERO privacy from you. Men get privacy. A slave is property, not a human.
  • Make it clean your feet, particularly when they are dirty and smelly. Walk around in the yard barefoot, then make it lick everything off your feet. it needs to swallow EVERYTHING. Sane thing with your ass – make it lick it clean when sweaty or dirty. Make sure it does so with no hesitation. 
  • You’re already using it as a urinal – why not bump it up to full toilet service? Think of the water and toilet paper you’ll save!
  • A slave can be used as furniture. Make it be a footstool for you when watching TV or reading. Make it hold a tray with your beer on it. Use it as a doormat for when you come in the house. 
  • Make sure it worships all your bodily fluids. Everything it swallows (food, drink) should have your piss and/or cum in it. 
  • I know with social distancing there is not a lot of opportunity to have others use it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be viewed. Let guys come by and watch you use it through the window. Make it expose its dick cage in public. Make it stand in the yard naked, or kneel, despite the fact that neighbors might notice.
  • Any kind of public humiliation is good. When you go out for a walk, have it on a leash. Have it wear a t-shirt that says “i am a faggot slave” or “i am a cum dump”  Write the word “whore” or “faggot” on its forehead before it goes out. 

I think you get the idea. One last thought: this is what faggots want, and the rougher, the better. Remember that you are fulfilling your faggot’s desires by treating it this way. Don’t hold back!

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